Bye Bye Bonnie

Posted on Jun 1, 2016 in Kitty Hawk
Bye Bye Bonnie

How do you plan your beach days?  The forecast has changed from an expected 10 days of rainfall courtesy of Tropical Storm Bonnie to scattered showers or thundershowers for the next few days.  A wait and see or hope for the best strategy for planning a day lounging on the shore is the best bet. A full 8 hours of sunshine may not be possible, but if you are flexible, you may be rewarded with a good half day in your beach chair.  A stray cloud or two is actually a nice break from full sun on the beach.  It is still important to be mindful of sun exposure.  Hydration is also a concern even in mild weather.  Keep plenty of fluids nearby when lounging in the sun.  A beach bag for a perfect session on the shore would include; sunscreen, iPhone with Bluetooth speaker and a big towel.  The cooler would be filled with watermelon and water bottles. You may enjoy books, sand toys, and a variety of snack and drinks.  There are always opportunities for combing for treasures or swimming.  So, even if conditions are slightly less than perfect, there is lots of fun to be had on the beach!  While you are just sitting there, feel free to download our app from!

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