The Evolution of Beach House Living

Posted on May 3, 2016 in Kitty Hawk, OBX News
The Evolution of Beach House Living

What started out as a simple escape from the summer heat in the days before air conditioning, beach houses have become a trend of second home ownership.

Originally, many well-to-do families would move far from their primary residences to some place warm for the winter, while others simply sought out a getaway from the city’s sweltering summer heat at a nearby waterside residence.

Often situated near a body of water, beach homes commonly utilize breezes to naturally cool the home and provide relief from intense temperatures.

The overall look and feel of a beach house is casual and relaxed. Even the Shingle home style, profiled in an earlier post, was considered a laid-back version of home life for the time. However, just like any other home, beach houses require regular maintenance along with some additional considerations due to their waterfront location. For instance, beach housing in coastal areas is often designed to weather strong winds and sea salt sprays that may corrode building materials that are perfectly robust further inland. Often, building a home to last requires using paints or foundations specially designed for coastal use. Andersen Windows has even designed unique products specifically for use along coastal areas. These windows feature a unique construction that can protect a home from wind and flying debris in severe storms and hurricanes.

Although originally intended for seasonal use, many beach homes today are being used year-round. First built in what are now first-ring suburbs of many cities, modern technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected with work from wherever you are, further blurring the lines between a primary and secondary home.

The way families “get away” may have changed, but where they escape to has not.  To find a beach home for your summer escape, visit

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